Be Still And Know That He Is God

Sometimes the biggest thing you can do… 

The most effective move you can make… 

The greatest impact you can have… 

The most difficult response to your situation… 

Is to “Be still and know that He is God,” (Ps. 46:10). 

And yet, difficult as it may be, when you are at that place of knowing that only God is in charge here, 

Only He has the last word, 

Only He knows you to the fullest degree,  

Only He has the power to transform, 

Only He has the answers, 

Only He has the ability to reach hearts- 

You settle into that truth. You’re anchored in your identity in Him. You’re strengthened in the complete knowledge that it is God who leads and guides, and so, it is He who also “keeps” you. 

God, our defender.  

God, our salvation. 

God, our advocate. 

God, our very present help. 

God, our hope. 

God, our peace. 

God, our joy. 

God, our comfort. 

God, our deliverer. 

God, our redeemer. 

God, our portion. 

God, the One who fights on our behalf. 

God, the One who knows. 

God, the One who sees. 

God, the One who cares.  

God, the One who loves.  

God, the One who is our safe place. 

God, our all-in-all. 

So go ahead, my friend. Do the greatest thing you can do right now… Be still and know that He is God!  


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