Restoring What Was Lost

When life happens and your site is lost, you begin the long road of trying to save what you can. You wonder if it’s worth the effort to gather the fragments and begin to piece together what once seemed so easy to do. You wonder if it’s time to scrap it all and start anew.

The work, the time, the energy, and all the creativity that it took to begin [years ago], seems like too much of an effort to put in at this season of my life. Yet, the seeds sown too important to let go to waste.

And so… I sort. I gather. I work through over 700 posts which no longer have a home. I imagine what a new home should or would look like.

I remember… I was created to know God, to enjoy Him, and to make Him known. I was designed to cultivate beauty, truth, goodness, and virtue. I was created to encourage, to cheer on, to be a hope-bearer…The mission still very much alive in my heart and soul.

I’m still {In Pursuit} of the abundant life in Christ available to us. How about you?

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